Starting lists

Starting lists for individuals and teams

Sunday's starting lists are available in our live score system where results keep updating:

Sunday's start lists (all)

You can also look at them as PDFs here: Sunday's starting lists as PDF

You'll find all updated running orders easily at our live score system:

Saturday team agility small

Saturday team agility medium

Saturday team agility large

Running order in team agility courses is reversed meaning that the best team of Friday starts last on Saturday's final course.

Running order will be reversed also on Sunday's individual finals. Lists for these courses will be published on Saturday evening (including course walking groups).

If you have two dogs running close together in the individual finals the dog with a better ranking will preserve its position and the dog with a lower ranking will be moved to an earlier starting point. We’ll try to have about 15-20 dogs between each competitor with this kind of a situation ☺️

Link to the original starting lists: Starting lists – Google Drive

Startinglists Individual.pdf