Evidensia is a main partner of JOAWC2022

One of the main partners of JOAWC2022 takes care of the competition’s vet checks and has their vets on duty during the whole event: Evidensia!

We are happy to tell you that Evidensia is one of our main partners and will provide us the expertise of their vets during the competition. They will take care of the vet checks the dogs will all go through before the courses and they will also be there to help you with any concerns that you might have with your dog’s health.

Evidensia has altogether 50 different clinics around Finland that vary from small clinics to bigger 24-hour, modern animal hospitals. Everything they do is based on their passion for taking care of animals.

One of the three course fields of JOAWC2022 will be named after Evidensia ⛳️ Read more of Evidensia and their services: https://evidensia.fi